The only 3 ingredients in the original dark carob and cocoa butter Ahh bar: xylitol, carob powder and cocoa butter.

Carob Powder

People who are hypersensitive to caffeine and another substance in chocolate called theobromine often have to avoid chocolate altogether in order to avoid insomnia, anxiety, jitters, hyperactivity and such.  Carob powder is often used as a chocolate substitute because it doesn't contain these stimulants.  Carob is a necessary ingredient for the Ahh bar, but on it's own is not sufficient. Anyone who has tried a carob bar knows they fail to capture the chocolaty texture and flavour of the real thing. 

cocoa butter

That is where cocoa butter comes in.  Cocoa butter has the wonderful texture and aroma of chocolate, but it only contains tiny trace amounts of caffeine or theobromine.  This means it can safely be used for a bar with little likelihood of causing overreaction to the stimulants.  Cocoa butter combined with a rich, toasted carob powder provides the flavour, aroma, and lovely smoothness of chocolate.


The last component in this mix to make an Ahh bar is Xylitol, a natural sugar found in birch trees and other hardwoods.  Xylitol, with a Glycemic Index of 7, has minimal to no impact on blood sugar levels.  As an added bonus, Xylitol may also have dental health benefits.  However, some people do have some digestive discomfort if they eat too much of it. It is recommended that people consume no more than 10 grams per day - so no more than 5 Ahh bars per day, folks!  You will also want to keep it out of the reach of pets, as it actually can have the opposite effect on them, causing a hypoglycemic reaction.